Friday, February 19, 2010

Re Entry

You've seen it. They replace an actor on a show and bring them in as if nothing has changed. They pretend that the person has been away, or had surgery or perhaps even took on the body of another person. Like we won't notice?

Well, I've been away, still me, no change in the actor playing me and yet not sure how to re-enter the scene. I know there are two or three of you who come check my blog from time to time if for no other reason than to find someone else from the links. I'm glad, cause it will be kind of lonely out here if no one comes to visit me again.

So, guess I'll start in where things are now, skipping the past 9 months or so that I have been gone.

Recently, I made a few layouts of my grandkids, so I'll start with those. My daughter-in-law takes a lot of pictures of them and I love to put them onto paper. A good arrangement. These are from pictures taken in January. I thought the new Prima lines were perfect for them. I only wish my pictures of the layouts were as good as the pictures ON the layouts.

The papers are from their newest release. The top one is from the Pastiche line and the striped paper with the circle is from their Strawberry Kisses line. Both wonderful without even adding one embellishment. I left the first one kind of simple with just the photo. It may be hard to see, but there is a tad of old music paper sticking out around the photo and then just a couple short snips of ribbon and a beautiful flower decorating the top right corner.

The second one has so many flowers on the paper itself that although adding more seems redundant, it really provides additional layering. I used flowers from several of the new groups that they released as well as pebbles and stickers from their paper lines. I took the photos from a couple angles to try to show the layers.

Hope you Enjoy!


SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

YAY! So nice to see you back!! -Anna.

Tasha said...

Aww, look at my babies. :D The layouts are cute!

Dee Dee said...

So happy you're back. Tasha's pics are fabulous. Love the flower layering on the second layout!

wmartin said...

Nice pics and layouts. Glad to see you blogging again Sis!!

cindy said...

Good to have ya back again! :D And lo's are gorgeous...specailly love the bottom one...ohmyghosh....

yapping cat

Jennifer said...

So happy your back at it...I should probably be doing the same...Have to work on that.
See ya soon,

Debbie said...

Such pretty layouts and precious kiddos!
Glad to see you back! I have checked your blog at least once a week for a LONG time! Missed you!