Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Missing You

Yes, Mr. Sun, I am missing you SO much. We have spent so many days together and the memories of such days keeps me going through the grey, cold and rainy days lately. Yes, the memories of your warmth make me happy, but they are not quite enough. I want YOU. Sun. The warmth of you, Sun. I know others are missing you too, and I think you should consider making an appearance soon!

In the meantime, I will put figurines out and make crafts that bring sunshine to mind

These lovely bathing beauties are for sale in my booth...Can't wait to be at the beach myself. (I'll settle for sprinkling sand at my feet on the sidewalk as long as it is warm and sunny).

This is a great little project made with frames by Darcy. Ah, thoughts of summer, water and waves...(a kiddy pool will work if you are with me SUN)

See you soon!? Please?


Tasha said...

What?! I swear I saw sun yesterday AND today! ;P

cindy said...

yes, even as much of a gray day gurl as I am, I too miss Mr. Sun...and am enjoying his visit very much today...but I hear he's leaving town this weekend...bummer.

-mean sister

Dee Dee said...

Love this little shaker box. I was thinking I could save a little memento for each of the kids in one. Is the store getting them? I can't remember.

I hope the sun gets here soon. I have one crazy 4 year old who misses it dearly.

Linda said...

I miss the SUN too, had a glimpse yesterday to get me through!! I want to know more about the frame...